Transferring Credit

Graduate sooner from an online college that accepts maximum college transfer credits

At Franklin, going back to college doesn’t have to mean starting over -- it means finishing your degree faster and more affordably, thanks to our generous transfer credit policy.

We make it simple and seamless for students like you to transfer previously earned credits into an associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree program. Transferring credits not only saves you time, it saves tuition dollars and eliminates the hassle of taking repeat classes or re-learning concepts.

Maximize Transfer Credits

More than 90% of students transfer credit from other schools.

1:1 Transfer Support

We’ll work with you to make sure you maximize all possible transfer credits

Finish Faster

Take fewer classes when you transfer credits toward your degree.

Estimate Your Transfer Credit & Savings

Use our free, online estimators to find out in less than 10 minutes how many credits you could transfer toward your bachelor's or associate degree.

Get Started

Franklin wants to maximize the number of transfer credits you receive so we accept transfer credit for all of our degree programs, from associate and bachelor’s to master’s to doctoral.

Transferring From a Community College

Franklin makes it easy to transfer up to 94 of your community or technical college credit hours toward a bachelor’s degree.

Types of Transfer Credit

Complete your college degree (and graduate!) as fast as possible by transferring eligible semester hour credits. Learn more about getting transfer credit from prior work experience, or military and professional training. 

Previously Earned College Credit

Get the maximum number of transfer credits allowed for the classes you’ve already completed -- and finish your degree faster (and more affordably) at Franklin.

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Military Training Credit

Get college credit for your military experience and training. At Franklin, we value your service by offering the maximum number of money- and time-saving transfer credits, as well as a seamless transfer credit process.

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Professional Training Credit

Earn college credit at Franklin for your work experience, including professional training and industry certifications.

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Vocational Credit

Transfer 24 hours of vocational or other technical credit toward one of Franklin’s degree-completion majors and earn your career-enhancing degree even faster.

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Testing & Portfolio Credit

Earn college credit -- without taking classes -- when you successfully pass well-recognized proficiency exams like CLEP and DSST.

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How to Transfer Credit

Learn how fast and easy Franklin makes it to transfer the credit you’ve already earned.

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